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Kale Crisps Recipe

London Budget Recipe: Kale Crisps

Now here’s a complete departure from the norm. A recipe. On London Budget. But seeing as this is such a money-saving tip, I couldn’t not share. Even if it involves cooking. Right so, a recipe for kale crisps. I know what you’re thinking – “Hi there, Gwyneth! Didn’t know you were behind this site. It’s […]

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Save money on eating in London - JUST EAT

Save money on eating in London…by staying in and ordering with JUST EAT!

Whilst staying in and whipping up a simple meal is a great way to save money on eating in London, not everyone wants to do that every night – right? (Less gloss over the fact that some perhaps don’t have either the inclination or skills! *coughs politely*) You may also be staying somewhere in London […]

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Swimming Hampstead Heath Ponds

Swimming in Hampstead Heath Ponds

Anyone that’s been in London the last couple of weeks knows that we’re in something of a heatwave. Which is great, because there’s truly no better place to be in the world than London, when the weather’s nice! Of course, London is very ill-equipped for hot weather. (And sometimes cold weather too…but let’s leave that […]

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