Getting to London

Getting to London is relatively straightforward – not least because of the many different modes of transport you can use to reach the city! In this section, we focus on the three main ways people use – air, bus or coach, and train – and take a look at some ways to cut costs and keep prices down when travelling. Whatever method you choose – and wherever you’re travelling from – you’ll have plenty of choice amongst the different airlines, bus companies and train companies.

Getting to London

Check out our tips for travelling to London, and saving money when doing so, using the sections below.

Getting to London By Air – Also with details of how to travel on to Central London when arriving at any of the city’s main airports, Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted or City Airport

Getting to London by Bus/Coach

Getting to London by Train

Getting to London - London from the air

Getting Around London

Please see our special section on London Transport for information on travelling around London with the various modes of public transport that the city has to offer.