London Webcams

London webcams are a rather special way of seeing the city – situated all throughout London, they certainly are a fantastic way of seeing London on a budget…especially seeing as you don’t even have to be here! Nevertheless, I do admit that it’s rather a tenuous budget tip. Because whilst seeing London through a camera over the web is free (not including broadband costs…or electricity…or your mug of tea whilst you web-surf…ahem) it’s really not the same as seeing it in person.

On the other hand, it is a great way of seeing a large part of London really, really quickly. How else can you skip from Trafalgar Square, to the London Eye, to Covent Garden, to the River Thames in just a few seconds? And it does provide for some interesting sights too – unusual angles, cameras located in high up places, and so on – and you never know, you might just see something strange and wonderful.

Here’s what I think are some of the best London webcams.

Trafalgar Square Webcam – updated every 10 seconds, this one is great for showing that Trafalgar Square has lots of traffic…and people driving/walking through it. Just as expected, really.

Oxford Street webcam – near “live” webcam. Much like the Trafalgar Square one, shows Oxford Street to have lots of buses, taxis and people. Wow.

Leiceister Square webcam – showing the main square, with its many visitors!

Covent Garden webcam – looks out over the famous piazza in Covent Garden.

Tower Bridge webcam – a glorious view of London’s famous Tower Bridge, and the River Thames of course.

The London Eye Webcam – live streaming cam from the London Eye, right beside the River Thames. When I watched it, it seemed to have a random collection of water (with a boat passing by now and then), jetties, seagulls and assorted riverside statues…and the occasional view of the London Eye.

Big Ben webcam – very pretty view of Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and the River Thames.

River Thames webcam – Live streaming of gorgeous views over the River Thames from Chelsea.

Another River Thames webcam – This one is situated on the roof of the Institute of Engineering & Technology; the live-streaming cam will show you views of the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, the Shard and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Abbey Road webcam – live streaming of the pedestrian crossing on Abbey Road in northwest London, as made famous by The Beatles! Watch the numerous visitors cross the road…cross the road again…take pictures…cross the road…

BBC London Jam Cams – okay, not really the most interesting or picturesque series of webcams. After all, it’s really just a bunch of cameras pointed on busy London roads. But they still have their own bit of charm – or perhaps you want to verify that London roads really are clogged full of roadworks (and therefore) lots of traffic jams?